Hurtigruten: Day 5

Monday, 26 January 2015

Last night we didn't get to do the special almost-midnight stop at one of the narrowest fjords due to the bucketloads of snow that were coming down from the sky, and of course snow means no northern lights either - all in all a bit disappointing.

We started the fresh new day with a quick walk around Finnsnes as we stopped in the morning to load and unload some passengers.. It's Sunday today so nothing was open and the town was very quiet under a the fresh layer of snow.


I really like the fact that life goes on in Norway (and most of Northern Europe) regardless of the weather, and I also like the winter industrial scenes almost as much as the traditional pretty landscapes. Here are a few photos I got from the wharf around Finnsnes..




icy tractor marks in the snow.. 


Also as we arrived at Finnsnes we sailed straight through some sea-ice - no icebergs or anything but there were cool mosaic patterns on the water..



After Finnsnes we were back at sea for a few hours before arriving at Tromsø, a city of 70,000 and the 'Gateway to the Arctic'. Again, being Sunday, the city was quiet, and being so far north, at 3pm it was dark as well. 

I've decided that whilst I'd like to live in Norway again sometime, I am not going to do it further north than say Trondheim -  it's too dark - even with the snow. Even when the sun is up, the middle of the day has a blueish tinge and a very dull light. These pictures of the town are at 3pm.


After a nice long walk around town Jon and I came back to the boat, got changed and went out for a quick run as well (anything is preferable to the boring-as treadmills in the gym). 

And so we travel onwards.  Tomorrow is officially 'North Cape Day' where most of the able-bodied passengers will do an (expensive) expedition to the North Cape. In keeping with my interest in normal-day-to-day living, we're visiting the worlds Northern most fishing village instead - Skarsvåg, to learn about life there.  Tomorrow will also be our last full day on the boat.
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