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Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Jett on my lap and the tennis in the background... Bliss!

Growth Chart

Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Some people measure their children with rulers, us, we measure ours against a purposely bought grass-tree, or Yakka, depending on where you are from..   When we bought the tree neither the tree nor Zali could walk or talk. I have to say Zali has made a lot more progress in both areas..


Now you may have a number of questions regarding this sequence. Firstly - is the grass tree growing at all ? - well, I'm not sure, its middle bit (technically called the "spikey thing") has definitely grown, the rest of it may even have  shrunk.  Secondly, am I really wearing sandals with socks in July 2004 ? - sadly it seems I am - it was raining that night so perhaps it was protection against the leaches.  Thirdly,  where's Jett? Well we're saving up for his own tree - they cost a packet you know - ours is padlocked down. Well, maybe not exactly padlocked but it is in the care of Jon's sister Shirley and his brother in law Tim - both of whom can get very cranky (especially Tim) so don't go getting any ideas about relocation.


Tuesday, 31 January 2006

For a 5 month old baby, Jett sure gets around. I think he might be trying to escape as he's always heading for a door.  I'm not really worried though, as not only does he leave a little dribble trail,  he also starts to go backwards after about 15 minutes and much to his frustration pretty much ends up where he started from.



Back to Work

Monday, 16 January 2006

Well this is what Jett did today - lounged around in his underpants really. I on the otherhand iced some cake boards, made some royal icing, made some sugar roses,  assembled a mini-cake tower and fretted about a pair of cat figurines due on one of next Saturday's cakes.

All babies look the same

Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Ok - We've proved it. Babies, at least those in the same family, pretty much look the same. The best first guess was 5 correct answers (Andy), the worst was 3 (Jon - yes their own dad!).  Nobody got it without at least 3 tries and some clues. I have to admit to throwing in a small trick baby, just to test the theory that ALL babies look the same - baby B was in fact Tiia - which Tiia's dad correctly noticed.  The other correct answers were ..


it's not you, it's me. and my sport Part III

Thursday, 6 March 2014

So without further ado I am pleased to announce that the winner of the this-sport-is-definitely-more-daggy-than-orienteering competition is… drum roll…

this one. [trust me, just click on the link - no further explanation will be required]
if you survived that, then have a read of this.

So I'm sure you'll agree it's a worthy winner. There is the tiny little problem that it's not really a live sport anymore (interestingly enough I discovered that previous junior superstars of the sport actually went on to win medals in other events at Sochi - proving again that even the daggiest of sports is worthy). But back to the problem that it's not really a sport anymore..luckily we have an emergency backup sport…

Korfball. Korfball has a number of classic daggy indicators. Firstly no-one's ever heard of it, secondly, it's big in Europe - in fact I discovered there's even an semi professional Dutch team there. Thirdly it has a funny sounding name that doesn't give any indication of what the sport is about, forthly it has a funny basket thing, fifthly it's mixed - I just can't take a sport seriously that plays in a mixed format at the highest level - socially sure, internationally.. nup…  sixthly you'd probably never ever meet anyone who knew what it was, although from my research your chances of not having to explain it would be increased if you lived in SA. (always the progressive state!).  

Korfball has the problem of being very similar in game-play to netball, which we all know is huge in Australia. It would take some heavyweight marketing from the korfball association (and probably some sort of physical torture) to convince young sportspeople that they'd be better off playing a Dutch sport no-one has heard of with a funny name rather than signing up for netball where they could aspire to the Commonwealth Games and maybe even the um.. World Games, or possibly even score a part in an advertisement for Lean-Cuisine.  I guess in either sport you wouldn't make any money (unless you played for that Dutch Korfball team) but that's a whole other kettle of gender-related fish I won't even start on.

What korfball does have going for it is that like most of the other daggy sports it looks fun to play, and you get to wear a relatively normal uniform. So if you stopped to get petrol on your way home from a game of korfball the service station attendant would assume you had just played soccer or basketball, as opposed to suspecting you had been thrown out of clown school because you shrunk your costume in the wash.  

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any korfball organisation in Tasmania so I can't add it to my list of obscure sports in which I'm quite competent. Luckily for Clare it looks like she can join a local Victorian club however i think she has her sights set on something else.. 

In fact if you haven't been across to read Clare's blog you should head on over now as she's been writing about the same topic simultaneously and you'll see why she's the actual published author (get it now from amazon) and I'm better suited to Royal Tennis.


Oh, and the prize for being the worlds daggiest sport that's playable in Australia...?



Oh - and after a flood that swept under our house a few years after we wrote this, I stumbled across someone who did actually sew their badges on.. 

Party Time

Sunday, 8 January 2006

It was finally Zali's birthday party today after what seems like a huge leadup - although it's only a week after her actual birthday. We didn't have it last week as it was 42 degrees and hot enough for us adults let alone for sugar-fueled toddlers who no doubt would have left trails of fire behind them as they rushed around.

Anyway - it was a much nicer day today and lots of fun. Jon made very high quality fairy bread, and I put together a cake. Our first childrens birthday party! 


Friday, 6 January 2006

Welcome to my new blog. My first blog.  I’m only doing this for the photo opportunities I think although it will be nice to vent some frustrations from time to time I am sure!  It is intended for friends and family, not really the general public who wouldn’t give a rats about what I am up to anyway…  Now don’t think this means you can stop emailing me to find out what I am up to as emails are often the highlight of my day!!! 

Zali Rose McComb

whose idea was children anyway?

Thursday, 9 February 2006

It's 2:30am. Since feeding Jett at midnight, he's woken at 1:30, 2 and 2:30.  Oh and now we're up again and it's 3:10. It's funny (In a not very funny kind of way) cos the last time Jon was away, Zali was sick . Anyway I've just fed him again and given him some panadol. Hopefully he'll sleep for a bit and I'll get a total of 4.5 hours of broken sleep for the night - although I fear I'm being a bit optimistic!

yep. Just up again and  it's 4:10 now. I've been lying in bed dreaming about having just one uninterrupted nights sleep - maybe if you dream it, it's almost the same as having it.

Relax, QUICK!!

Friday, 3 February 2006

This is a photo from Palm Cove in May last year - that was a very nice and relaxing holiday.   But what I was thinking about yesterday as I rode up and down Lane Cove park in 35 degrees, is that when you only get a few hours to officially take a break and relax each week, you kind of feel the need to make the most of it, which does not necessarily make for the most relaxing time! It's still great to get out mind you, just not the relaxing, paper-reading, smoothie drinking experience you might used to have imagined when you think about having a break. I 'could' do those things of course - but I'd never get to cycle - it's all about choices I guess - starting with the choice to have children!!

Off the list

Sunday, 29 January 2006

Yesterday we crossed off one of the few remaining things off our 'Things to do in Sydney before we leave' list. We went to Greenwich Baths. It's really close to us and has a little beach area with a netted off swimming area. Pretty good for the kiddies - you wouldn't go there to swim laps or anything I don't recon!