ahhhh - relief....

Sunday, 24 December 2006

I just finished my last batch of cupcakes for a Christmas order and I am going to bask in at least 6 days of non-compulsary baking. In particular I'm going to enjoy not making cupcakes as I recon I've churned out over 500 in the last few weeks for thankyous to creche people, actual christmas cupcake orders, weddings and Breast Cancer fundraising.  I will have to do a bit of pre-baking for the January orders but there's not a cupcake amongst them thank goodness.

Here are two of yesterday's wedding cakes...  The figurines aren't mine - they were supplied by a Brisbane person as I told the bride I could do her last minute cake order but not the figurines (no time).  They are pretty cool and I got to check out someone else's style nice and close up!!

Gingerbread Workshop

Saturday, 23 December 2006

Today I delivered the last of the wedding cakes (pictures to follow) and then took advantage of a simultaneous household nap (jon, zali & jett) and went down to BigW to do my xmas shopping. Unfortunately in my excitement I forgot about the child-free GingerBread House workshop Denny had arranged (weeks ago) with Suzanne which was taking place in our house. Luckily although I arrived an hour late it turned out I hadn't missed anything - the Ikea gingerbread house kits were still in pieces waiting for assembly. Unfortunately they were in a lot more pieces than they were supposed to be in.  Still - we managed to assemble them (ok, so they don't have walls) and get them up to such a point where we would be proud to enter them into the craft section of the Huonville show (in the under 3's category anyway)


Friday, 22 December 2006

And here's another photo of Jett just because he is so cute (with the sound turned down anyway)..

In late breaking news we are looking after a kitten for a few days  - Denny and I decided the least stressfull place was here - but only by a whisker so to speak. It was a tossup between 2 young boys and a territorial cat,  verses  a  toddler,  a 3 yearold, and a balcony with a long drop. If the kitten makes it to christmas day we'll consider it a victory.

Cute Little Cupcakes

Friday, 22 December 2006

Jett came home from creche on Tuesday with a  book filled with  photos of activities he'd been doing  there during the year. Much to my surprise these included pictures of him playing happily with  playdough, neat-and-tidy painting, decorating  biscuits with sprinkles etc etc..  So yesterday instead of  waiting until  Jett was asleep before decorating some left-over cupcakes with Zali, I thought I'd give him a go at home too.

So here is a picture of Jett delicately placing blue sprinkles onto a cupcake.  I am beginning to suspect that the creche carers wait until the children are asleep then arrange them in nice contented poses in the middle of craft activities as this was about his most neat and tidy moment during it all. Still - we all had fun. 

I'm still here.

Monday, 18 December 2006

Just a bit exhausted that's all. 5 cakes to go until christmas then a 7 day break until the next 2 are due!    If I write this quickly I can be in bed before midnight for the 2nd time in a week.  One of the major frustrations last week was the problems with this pair of waterski-ing figurines which are supposed to be travelling to Bell Bay - on the North West tip of Tasmania (I think) . Moments after I took this photo the groom's arm broke in half as I tried to get them into a box (he had a stump of a shoulder and the bride had the rest of it stuck to her back - very fetching). I emailed the bride with a few suggestions including that she hack off her fiance's arm just above the elbow to match the figurine but I don't think she thought it was that funny.  Anyway - I'm almost finished reparing them - whilst materials for these two haven't cost much I recon my hourly rate will work out to be about 50c - probably even less. Live and Learn.  This other cake is an improved version of my ribbon cake which I am quite proud of.

In children news, Jett has made a great leap forward and had his first unaccompanied bath since he was about 4 weeks old. He has a fear of water and trembles at the beach. At a large swimming pool he will flatten himself to you like a lizard on a tree, and generally try to be invisible should anyone mistakenly think he might like a swim.  Up until yesterday he'd only go in the bath if he was attached to Jon or I  with the strength of a koala in high winds. So getting in the bath by himself yesterday, and with Zali today is BIG news. Well done Jett.


Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Lately our trusty 1989 Toyota Corolla 4wd Station Wagon has been rattling..  Actually it's so loud the whole suburb rattles as we drive through it and people laugh,  point and stare, then rush to protect their children's ears from permanant damage..   Thankfully, due to a bit of encouragement from mum and some financial help from dad we now have a replacement we bought today at a government auction thingy.  We got a dec04 *Magna Station wagon. Very boring but very practical and very good value as it's still got lots of its new car warranty to run and its got all the wizz bang things I've been hankering for since the tragic loss of my beautiful ford *Laser - central locking,  ability to hear the radio over the engine noise...etc etc  Now all I need is my extra point four of a child, or is it point two nowadays. Either way I'd probably rather just have the dog.

* I like to say these words humourously using Dr Evil's accent (from Austin Powers)  -but it doesn't really translate via text does it. 

Anyway - here it is -  we'll buy a Prius the moment we can afford it - but this will have to do in the meantime.

not waving, drowning.....

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Unusually for me, I have cake deliveries every day this week until Sunday.  They include 2 orders of christmas themed cupcakes, a 25th wedding anniversary cake, 2 wedding cakes & a 50th birthday cake.  And I am vveeeeery tired.   This is on top of 3 cake orders on the weekend and another 4 to go next week.. It's great I'm busy but gosh I'll be glad to get to bed before midnight sometime sooon. Here are some recent orders..  Actually I had a little heart attack when the duck person rang up to arrange a time to collect her cake the next day when I actually thought it didn't need to be  ready until the end of this week (and hadn't started yet). Luckily they are quick compared to other types of figurines and cakes. phew.


getting into festive mode

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

On the weekend we went to the Hawthorne's place and got to cut down our own christmas tree from the selection of various rogue trees growing through their patch of natives.  When we got home we spent almost an hour trying to get it to stand up in our christmas tree stand -   In the end we resorted to the tried and trusted bucket-full-o-sand method.    Zali was excellent at carefully hanging up the decorations, and Jett was excellent at pulling down all the ones within reach and putting them back into the box, then tipping the contents on to the floor and frolicking through the collection.. sigh...  


Tuesday, 5 December 2006

I've always wanted to be one of those arty, crafty blogs such  as  Not  Martha or  LoobyLu   - but alas and alack. This is the closest I can get and I didn't even knit these two cute dolls myself. They came from the Granny Shop on Kangaroo  Island and  were presents to Zali  &  Jett from  their grandparents. The shop is crammed full of home-made craft stuff at  prices ranging from the rediculously-cheap (mostly) to absolute bargain.  I hope all the slave-grannies are enjoying the process and not attempting to survive on the profits!!

two of four

Monday, 4 December 2006

Here are two of the four "cakes" I had to deliver on the weekend we left.  I left one in Denny's hands and dropped all the others off early with no subsequent problems (that I've heard about anyway)

nice nose

Monday, 4 December 2006

It's worth mentioning that my digital camera doesn't zoom in very well  anymore cos there's so much sand in the lens! There was a stiff on-shore breeze whenever we went to the beach.

Cousins and Cake

Monday, 4 December 2006

Zali  loved catching up with her Adelaide  cousins and  also with  her friend Chelsea, who  she  last spent time with when she was  just one  and at that  awkward  'dipping the washer in the toilet then using it to clean the bathroom floor stage'.

I used the opportunity to test out a new cake style - for Jon's parent's  50th wedding anniversary (the main reason for our trip). I wanted to do something slightly more old fashioned - I was happy with the result but it was interesting to note from the original wedding photographs that the real cake 50 years ago was pretty different to my poppy creation!

Beach Photos - from the beach at Penneshaw on KI

Monday, 4 December 2006


it's KI to the locals

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

We're here on Kangaroo Island for a few days, happily avoiding the heat of Adelaide (38 there today)  and enjoying a few days of KI lifestyle, which, at least when staying with Jon's parents, involves being served delicious meals and snacks at all times of the day.  Our SA holiday started out on shakey ground though with Jonno going down with a bout of gastro on the first night, which he kindly shared with the rest of his sister's family just as we were leaving for KI (nice timing by us there). We had a beach day yesterday and today we visited a wildlife park and a honey place and spotted a free-range koala. I've got some good photos but of course I can't upload them.  I don't have any mobile phone reception at the moment which is a little frustrating as I can receive cake enquiries via my message bank but I can't reply.  Also the missing Dish Washer Guy has reappeared via my voicemail but I can't reply to his message either. doh. 


Friday, 24 November 2006

This year has been the most lucrative year in my orienteering career since my slightly lame-o 1/2 scholarship from the Tasmanian Institute of Sport way back when we travelled to events in a horse and cart (actually it was dad's Kingswood but the comfort level was about the same and in fact the audio was worse as you never had to listen to 'Australia All Over' in a horse and cart I bet).   Earlier in the year I picked up a cool little backpack in the NSW Stingers Sprint Series (cos I turned up consistantly - I only won once), and I recon since being in Tassie I've won 3 bottles of wine (in spot prizes), and now I can add my latest prize - a pair of Blundstone boots!  I won this in the corporate challenge by getting the maximum of 7 points at each of the 3 lunchtime events. To get the maximum  you either had to win all three races (uh - not me)  or have a finish number in a multiple of 7 as the points were granted from 7 to 1 then from 7 to 1 again all the way through the results list. So 1st, 8th, 15th etc all get 7 points. I think I was something like 23rd, 15th then 8th last week. I have to thank Grace Elson and her employer BBQ's Galore -  for not being able to make it last week as she would have pushed me out to a 6 pointer and I would have had to share a boot each with the person who eventually finished one point behind me.
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