Ski trip #2

Monday, 19 January 2015

I have to admit that the kids weren't hugely keen to go out ski-ing today (claiming fatigue) but we didn't want to waste the opportunity so we went out today on a slightly more challenging trail that starts further down the hillside.  On the drive up we stopped to take a picture of this very pretty looking school:

Due to the temperatures fluctuating above and below zero at the moment - a situation which the locals despise ;  there are many surfaces that are very slippery and icy.   You can see the forecourt looks a bit shiny - that's because it's a large lumpy dangerous sheet of ice - which I guess will get salted or have gravel thrown on it before the kids return on Monday.  Actually it's amazing how much road & track maintenance goes on every day in winter - before we get up in the morning a fresh layer of gravel is thrown onto all the local streets, and all the ski-trails are groomed.  There is no cost to use the ski-trails either of course.

Anyway - back to the ski-ing. Well first the waxing..


then the skiing..



We came across a biathlon training centre - this kid with the gun is probably around 13 years old.. It was a real gun but there were no fences or restrictions with ski-ing up behind him (I asked his dad if I could take these photos).  


The area we are ski-ing in has heaps of cute little traditional summer cabins tucked amongst the trees - it would be very pretty in summer. 


These photos are of Zali, but it was in fact Jett who improved the most today - I think it was because he was determined to be finished with the ski trip, so he raced on ahead with Lars-Henrik and doggedly climbed all the hills and whooshed down the descents so he could be back at the car and done as soon as possible. 




Unfortunately on the way back to the car  - which was more downhill than uphill - a series of unfortunate events led to Zali having a bit of a stack with Bjørn landing on top of her, creating a compacted Zali sandwich. She's ok but has a bit of a fat lip and sore nose. 

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