are we there yet

Wednesday, 19 December 2007


The cake on the left has taken about 20 hours of work including cooking time and has a street value of a bit over $400.   The house on the right has a wider market (every single child in the world who is under 14)  took about 3 hours yet  would probably have a street value of about $5 (unless all those kids pooled their pocket money).  Now I think about it, you don't see many gingerbread wedding cakes do you - when they wouldn't be entirely inappropriate really when you think about it. anyway. it's clearly getting late (as usual) .  Tomorrow  I've just got 50 cupcakes and a 10 inch mud cake to make and I 'm then I'm nearly at the packing the house, tidying my bags,  and vacuuming the children stage in preparation for our trip to adelaide on saturday.



Sunday, 16 December 2007

And just to prove i'm not just staying up late so I can watch the weird stuff on SBS , here is some of my recent cake work.

sparkly shiney things

Sunday, 16 December 2007

In a stroke of genius (if I do say so myself )  I managed to come up with a great thank you present for our excellent creche staff which didn't involve cupcakes, chocolates, copious amounts of money or an enormously guilty conscience for not actually getting around to doing anything... These gift christmas tree baubles have all been tagged with the message 'Thankyou from zali, jett, cathy and jnnoo' - My writer was insistant that the order of the letters didn't reeeally matter and  I really needed to get it done before Jett began to cut everything into little pieces (he's scissor happy at the moment) .

Speaking of Jnnoo, him and I have been up past midnight every night this week and I guess the chances of going to bed earlier than that at any stage before we head off to adelaide next weekend are fairly slim. oh well.   Still it is our own doing so we don't deserve any sympathy.

Self Portrait

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

This is part of how Zali spent her 8th day of contiagousness.  Whilst she's missing her creche friends and creche activities she's still having a pretty good time - the sick day routine generally includes a trip to the supermarket after dropping off Jett, followed by and hour or so of kids' tv while enjoying a chocolate milk, followed by a bubble bath if she feels like it. When she's at granny's there's  icecream involved as well - some people have all the luck.

In other news, we're frequently reminded that our previous  2 abodes featured both low water pressure and big baths. We've now got excellent water pressure and a smallish (by comparison) bath as well as the anomally of a bathroom with no drain in the floor.  This risky combination has lead to about four incidences of - as Zali would put it - 'Sinking the bath'. Todays episode was so severe we nearly sunk zali's room as well.  It's lucky we have cork tile floors as not ony can the kids to paint on them , they also cope well with submersion.  Ooh - speaking of submersion - Jett now willingly has baths! Horay!

simple pleasures

Sunday, 9 December 2007

It's the simple pleasures of home ownership such as being able to staple-gun your christmas lights to the balcony that make a great big mortgage really worth it I think.  As you can see we did christmassy stuff today such as purchasing* and decorating a christmas tree and putting up the christmas lights. It turned out Jett is coming down with something (hmmm let me guesss... chickenpox?) so he didn't enjoy it all as much as he could have but the rest of us had fun with it all. I also did some light out-door furniture painting, some cupcake and birthday cake producing for pickups tomorrow (today now since it's after midnight) and general housey gardening stuff which was nice. 

In other news, last night was my works christmas party - now I have to say that when compared to the christmas parties of a public broadcaster, and the christmas parties of an employer who makes a habit of surprise lunchtime-no-payout-redundancies,  the christmas party of an animation studio is wayy wayyyy better. My new employers had put a lot of thought and effort and $$ into making it cool fun. It was a pity we had to make it a relatively early night so to relieve our poor overworked babysitter. 


* $20  for a tree so big it  needed to be trimmed to fit in the living room ! - sydney siders I don't know how many more reasons you could possibly need to move here.

indulge me...

Thursday, 6 December 2007

These photos are from Zali's recent sports day.  We have more. Much much much more - so while this is clearly a parental indulgence just be thankful that I'm restricting myself to one race alone. Also it means I don't have to stay up late photo-shopping some of the other ones to make it look like zali was miles ahead when in fact she was um.. respectably competitive. 

Christmas Craft

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Zali and I have been making the most of her diagnosis (see below) and working on some christmas craft.   Anything involving glue, scissors and lots of little bits of paper falls right within Zali's area of expertise.  We'll probably have enough christmas tree decorations to decorate the entire neighborhood by the end of this disease.


Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Poor Zali has got chicken pox and her poor parents are devastated about not seeing her perform in the Christmas production tonight. It is taking place at the poshly named Performing Arts Centre and she was to play a kookaburra.She's been rehearsing since September.  Funnily enough the doctor she visited on Monday said he'd also recently diagnosed other ailments in her possum and galah classmates.  I hope they all had understudies.

sometimes less is much much more

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Sometimes it's the  toys which cost less than $2 which are the best ones. A  bucket of chalk I got from Big W last week has already entertained  the kids for  many many many more minutes than the Thomas the Tank Engine lego (as in 'costs mummy  an armo and a lego') set I got for  Zali last Christmas.   $2 would have bought about a single block of that.  This picture is of Zali, Toby and Miley before swimming lessons on Friday. Jon takes them all along to the pool  and mum and dad take them all to their respective creches afterwards.  Check out that beautiful tasmanian sky... 

If a job's worth doing..

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Jett doesn't seem to be related to us. Or at least not to me. He likes things TIDY and ORGANISED. He'll hover around Zali with a rubbish bin while she cuts up little bits of paper. He puts his shoes nicely together in his little hanging shoe rack (which he was thrilled to receive). He  stops eating breakfast in order to ask me to shut a cupboard door (which is obviously hanging messily ajar) and yesterday he didn't have breakfast until he had personally swept the floor around his breakfast chair (admittedly it still had the previous nights dinner attached to it but sheesh!).   Anyway - today he spent a good 15 minutes collecting up washing from the pile I left scattered along the passageway and then stuffing it all into the washing machine..  It was a big job and he had to resort to holding bits of it in with his head while he gathered up other bits.  cute. slightly scarey, but cute.

cheap at twice the price

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Despite experiencing the Supermarket Shopping Tantrum Spectacular (extended version)  a few evenings ago ,  today we dived back into that shark infested water and took the family  to Bunnings. And thankfully it all turned out great. Oh - except for the fact we left approximately $700 poorer than when we went in thanks to a lot of gardening related purchases (wheel barrow, whipper snipper, petrol tin,  door locks blah blah blah - all you house or garden owning people know what I'm talking about).   but hey -  we did get the face painting for free. 

You couldn't buy it.

Monday, 26 November 2007

As a general comment I'd just like to say that you just couldn't  buy the sort of amusement that you get from your children. (For that matter you couldn't possibly legislate against all the household crimes they manage to commit either) 

This is zali showing off her dress on the weekend and the photo of Jett is from just a few minutes ago. Yes he is asleep, and yes he is wearing swimming goggles.  He's slept for the last few nights with sunglasses on (he must be very sensitive to the dark I guess) but tonight I couldn't find them so we settled on goggles instead.  He can be quite stubborn about things sometimes.

In other news,  Jonno is recovering from a bout of the flu, and I am recovering from a brief but intense love affair with Risotto. In fact it has been so intense that I've had twice as many risottos in the last 4 weeks than I have in my entire life before that. However tonight it's all over - my relationship with with Arborio is ruined and I think distracted stirring and a rubbery leek are to blame.  I suspect jonno is secretly relieved that this hot Italian dish is out of our marriage although I'm sure he would testify that the last four weeks have been great and in this case it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.


Thursday, 22 November 2007

Tomorrow I will have two reasons to celebrate - firstly I'll be able to have my first night off cake decoration for a few weeks, and secondly the settlement of the sale of newtown road should (fingers crossed) have gone ahead smoothly. to celebrate I intend to partake in the dual delights of  sorting some washing while watching a dvd - something I haven't done for months and months and months. This puppy dog is to accompany a set of figurines  for Saturday. I think he looks a bit anxious cos the groom is wearing white.


Getting out of the Big Smoke

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

We also had guests on the weekend which was a lovely treat although we are always left feeling hollow and empty when they leave, as we just don't have the same sort of friends down here in tassie yet. Although of course we will when our plan comes together and they all move here.  As far as selling the viritues of Tassie goes, the weather turned on some great days and the serenity had an impact I am sure*

Anyway - while our guests were living up the great Tassie lifestyle, this is an artists impression of what was happening to their car (parked at sydney airport). Really!!  It was stolen while they were here. We couldn't have engineered it better ourselves and if that's not a sign from the god-of-what-to-do-next  I don't know what is. (we didn't do it andy I promise!)

*not to mention the dirt cheap house prices, clean living, lack of traffic hassles, cheap childcare ... - for more info - we offer free accommodation for the first month -  unfotunately it's with us though.

Sweat Shop Labour

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

It was hot on the weekend so Jonno put the kids to good use and got them to bottle his first batch of home-made beer since we moved here. The kids turned out to be surprisingly capable of filling and stacking the bottles so next weekend they will be fitting a new screen door and installing some deadlocks.

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