The Wemings

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

There's this family that live near us. To protect their identies we'll call them the Weming family.  Us and the Wemings often help each other get to activities and things and between us we try to mimimise trips up and down the Southern Outlet to the Big Town.

Today we got woken up by Wenny and Woby Weming banging on the windows at the ungodly hour of 7.30 (ok, so that's probably not that ungodly but we aren't one of those families where everyone is up by 6am) - Anyway Woby needed to come in as we were taking him up to school with Zali and Jett.  Dazed and confused we got up and let him in and I took them all up to school. Wenny also asked if we could pick up another Weming; Wamie, from childcare later in the day. This wasn't going to be a problem as I had to get Jett and Zali at 5pm-ish from school anyway.

A few hours later however, the school rang and said Zali had been hit in the head with a plastic cricket bat and had an egg on her head and that she probably wouldn't be able to go to after school care and she should probably be picked up at 3pm.  Dang - I'd been looking forward to going to the gym in the afternoon and this meant I also had to get someone else to get little Wamie, or, pick him up with the other kids - which was ok, but being younger he is a bit more hassle in the babysitting stakes and it meant we'd probably have him for hours.. I tried to line up Wamie's dad to get him but it turned out he was at home sick, so of no use. So I just bit the bullet and got Wamie after Zali and Jett.  On the way home I asked Zali how she got injured and it turns out it was Woby Weming who accidentally donked her with the bat -  So I'm up here, getting Woby's brother Wamie early and not getting my afterschool care dollars worth all because of Woby  - huh!

So anyway - it turns out Wamie is actually quite delightful and no extra trouble at all. They are all sitting nicely watching tv and playing with lego while I'm um.. working.. (more specifically catching up on my pop culture via iview) at the kitchen bench when I hear this big bang outside the window so I rushed outside to have a look only to find Wamie's dad, Wobin, (who had risen from his sick bed and come to borrow a car so he could get to the doctor)  had scootered down the drive and only narrowly avoided the parked car by crashing into my succulent collection (see picture).  Outrage!  As you can see the crash not only broke a number of pots but it clearly scared the plants on the left to death.

So now I'm wondering what's going to happen to us next ... my guess is that Wenny will whack me in the head with a plastic cricket bat for this blog post . 

** News Flash ** Just had word that Wenny Weming has just weversed the Weming family car's back window into a tree branch.


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