My light fantastic..

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Since we moved in I've been whining about the poor quality of light in the kitchen. Poor light makes late night cake decorating difficult to say the least - cake smoothness is vital in my industry and whilst something might look perfectly smooth in the dim kitchen light at 1am, it often looks more like the surface of the  moon the next day. Unable to bear it any longer I bought a jazzy new light just before  Christmas and since then its been waiting in the garage for me to round up an electrician.  Amazingly after just a few weeks of local electrician harassment I had one knocking on my door this morning.  When I opened the door and saw the guy looked about 17  I thought 'ah - they've sent the apprentice'  - but no, this guy had his OWN apprentice who looked about 12. Now unless apprentices have their own apprentices nowadays I'm thinking he may have been slightly older than he appeared to me. In anycase I happily ushered them in and  surreptitiosly deadlocked the door behind them (the last electrician we had took 6 weeks to arrive then managed to complete absolutely nothing before disappearing for a further 3 weeks so I wasn't taking any chances).  As it happened though, they both did a great job and I was able to release them about an hour later.  I LOVE my new light.

On the subject of young tradesmen and young people in general do you think that the older we get, the younger everyone else looks? I wonder this because I swear my dentist the other day was young enough to be the brother of the two young toddlers he had photographs of on his surgery wall.  As it turned out I couldn't have cared if he was an escapee from a local playgroup as he let me out without any further work (maybe he had to rush back for story time).

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