Happy Teeth

Friday, 11 January 2008

I hate going to the dentist. No Really. I HATE it.  I can't even use an electric toothbrush because it reminds me of the dentist. I think it stems back to many fillings and no local anaesthetic in my youth or it could just be because I am a chicken. 

Anyway - due to my dentist-anxiety my last 5 visits span two hemispheres, 3 states and 17 years *. I only EVER go when I have exhausted all other options (these usually involve wating around to see if the problem will miraculously fix itself which in my experience unfortunately tends not to happen). So today I had to go again. By now you'll know it wasn't just for a checkup I don't do checkups - Apart from my dentistaphobia I'm firmly of the opinion that a checkup involves the dentist checking to see how he can get thousands of dollars of cash from you in exchange for fixing things which didn't even hurt in the first place. So today I had to go and get my sore tooth looked at. I was firmly expecting at least one filling would be required to ease my discomfort but it turned out everything was fine - he even xrayed and checked the rest of my teeth. Woohoo!! Because I tend to leave things so late, that never happens. And not only did I not need a filling,  but since I last went they've put an angled mirror on the ceiling directed at Kingston beach so you can lie back and watch the waves roll in and people walking along the beach.  It was really cool. Not cool enough to make me go back for regular checkups mind you but still - it was all-in-all a surprisingly pleasant experience.  I even had time afterwards to deliver a wedding cake to Meadowback before the bride herself started to suffer anxiety attacks.

Oh - after some application of anti-sensitive stuff my tooth is feeling much better already thankyou.

 * Prague 1990, Melbourne 1994, Sydney 2001, Kingston,Tas 2007 & 2008

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