Noosa - Day 5

Thursday, 15 December 2016

A particularly early start today saw me standing at the top of Noosa Hill at 6am - of course I wasn’t alone as everyone in Queensland seems to get up at 5am (due to the ridiculous lack of daylight savings time I reckon).  After the hill climb I carried on with my ‘normal’ Noosa National Park run but this time in reverse, which gave me some nice views I hadn’t paid much attention to before. 

Then it was home to pack up and tidy up and leave the apartment for the final time. Arriving at the Eumundi Markets at 8.30am  - just half an hour after they opened -  I was amazed at how many people were there already. I was also amazed that they wanted to charge $6 for parking! Outrage.  Thankfully I found one of the last free parks as I didn’t want to commit to $6 worth of browsing.   One (of the many) nice things about Noosa is that all the parking is free, and although busy, there’s usually something available nearby - it must get pretty crazy between Christmas and New Year though.

Anyway - I did some browsing at the markets - they had lots of cool stuff, and hippy stuff, and food stuff. And also it had camels.  


After an hour I’d had enough of the stalls - but I still had heaps of time up my sleeve so I headed to the Glasshouse  Mountains. 

They were really cool. Next time I’d like to spend more time and climb to the top of one of the houses. Due to time considerations I contented myself with a circuit hike of one of them, and a couple of other lookouts.


By this time it was midday, and time to drive the last stretch south to Brisbane in my cute little hire car which I always found easily in the car parks! 

I used less than one tank of petrol on my whole trip - my total fuel bill was $38.  Nice!

And so ended my trip to Noosa. It was heaps of fun. As I mentioned it lacked a bit of the rest and relax factor, but it was (mostly) good to get out and about an do stuff - and also great to get back into some running.    Noosa is a really nice place - filled with a big range of people from backpackers to family campers to massive house & infinity pool owners.  There’s lots of stuff to do - and the commercial activities on offer seem to be pretty cheap thanks to the all competition for tourist dollars - being able to rent a dinghy for $99 for 3 hours, or a bike for $30 for 24 hours, or a stand up paddle board for less than $20 seems like a good deal to me.  

There are surf beaches aplenty but also lots of quieter small-child friendly places to play in the water.  I also really liked that the beaches and waterways had lots of nice grassy spaces and shade to retreat too (particularly once the sand got too hot!).  


Yep, so it’s a really cool place. And I’ll be back. Hopefully next time with family and/or friends to enjoy it with. Not that I’m not great company, but I do wear on myself after a while :)
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