My Cake Disasters

Friday, 2 December 2011

As I'm about to write a post about a cake disaster that happened to another cake maker & venue I though it was only fair I write a post listing a few of my near misses and tense moments in the last 10 years... 


  • Like the time I made a set of figurines where the groom was lifting the bride above his head. All well and good but when I opened the back of the car at the venue the figurines were no-where to be seen. The top heavy nature of them was too much for the soft mud cake and they'd gone flying off the top and rolled around the back (thankfully no injury was sustained and I could prop them back up)
  • Or the time when a chance phone call reminded me that I had a cake to deliver the very next day (which I hadn't started).  I was at work at the time so I suddenly made my excuses and rushed home for a very late night. Again - it all ended well but it was very close to being a disaster!
  • Or the time(s) I delivered a cake to a venue, and got to the cake table only to see a cake already on the cake table. Luckily a day early is a lot better than a day late!
  • There have been a lot of kitchen mistakes too which get fixed before they go into the car - just last week I managed to burn a fruitcake, make and ice a cake in totally the wrong flavour and then make and ice a cake in totally the wrong size - all for the one wedding cake! This is more reflective of my state of mind when it comes to cakes at the moment I think - i.e. I'm generally trying to avoid them - delivering them on a weekend is far to difficult when there are four of us wanting to do different things - the restriction of an absolute wedding cake delivery time is a real pain.



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