Job Well Done

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Zali's Spooky Party was held today, and a spooky party needs a spooky cake. I think the fact that most of the kids didn't want to go near the cake or most of the cupcakes demonstrates that I did my job.

Jon and I also set up a 'haunted house' in the green room which involved putting up walls, blackening the windows, putting in lots of creepy props and sounds effects, then putting Denny in there so they were unexpectedly accosted by a creepy guest.  I think it was pretty successful and only a small percentage of the kids will need long term counselling.  The other games we played were a mummy wrap & race (see photo), a brain and spoon race (like an egg and spoon race but with jelly brains and eyeballs),  spooky soup and we also had a bat hunt to kick things off.  It was fun and Zali enjoyed it but given the hours and hours of set-up required we might try something less ambitious next year - maybe Zali will settle for a Library Party.

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