before & after #23

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Regular readers will know that we normally go to the Huon Show - which is a country show where you park in a paddock and watch the dog high jump while sitting on the grass eating Olle bollens (if you are Jon) or a dagwood dog (if you are me).  This year due to a clash of dates we are going to miss the Huon Show so we decided to brave the Royal Hobart Show instead. We're not completely crazy though, we decided to go early on the quietest day to avoid the chaos and crowds.  In fact we may have gone a bit too early, as it was actually so quiet I'm sure there was tumbleweed rolling through Showbag Hall.   

The day picked up though and we survived and as you can see from our photos we had a good time (well I had to make a comeback as I foolishly went on a ride with Jett and felt horrendously nauseous for the next hour. urk)

Out of interest, the entry was roughly double what it is for the Huon Show ($48 for the family) and the rides are $7 or $8 each nowadays.  The Royal Hobart Show is definitely bigger in terms of stalls and displays than the Huon Show but we still prefer the Huon Show by a mile - we'll look forward to going back next year where Jon will attempt to recapture his 'best cake baked by a male' title that he won last year.

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