I'm still here..

Friday, 28 January 2011

I'm just trying to recover from the shock of having someone steal my thongs on Australia day! What has this country come to!  And why would someone want to wear someone else's thongs! really! and before you ask, no they weren't Havanas.

Aside from the outrageous theft, we had a nice Australia day. In the morning we went to Franklin where I went for a paddle around the Huon Challenge kayak course (and knocked off a good 15 minutes from last time - so now I'm 10 minutes ahead of the time Jonno did but still fairly low down in the field time-wise).. Anyways, while I did that the kids cycled around and played in the park and watched some model boats and stuff with Jon. I took some nice photos but I can't find my camera cord so they will have to wait.

Then in the afternoon we picked up Paul, Tiia and Malin from the airport and they've been hanging around (in a good way) ever since.  Unfortunately I'm at work full time and slaving away over cakes in the evening but hopefully I'll get out to have some more fun with them soon..

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