Mercury Surf Safari

Monday, 21 November 2011

Also on the weekend I did the 43rd Mercury Surf Safari - an event I never would have imagined I would do.  It was pretty long race from Sandy Bay to Cornelian Bay on the other side of the bridge and back  (15.5km).  Most of the competitors were surf-club types - i.e 15-25yr olds on their multi coloured surf skis and paddling in minimal clothing i.e. the girls/women (and there were heaps of them) just wore bikinis or tank tops. (When I mentioned this to Jonno he resolved to watch the race more attentively next year).  The ocean-ski/multi sport crew that I normally paddle with is definitely an older age group, in predominately all-white boats, and we all had to wear life jackets (as we're not surf club members) making us look even more daggy out there with the cool kids.  Never mind.  I was happy with my paddle and the result which could have been 6th female overall and I'm pretty sure I won my age category (over 35) but I don't know for sure as I couldn't stick around for the prize giving unfortunately as I had to deliver a cake (more on that later).

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