Mum is a Make Caker

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Recently at school, Zali and her classmates were asked to write down their mummy and daddy's 'out-of-home' jobs.   Zali was pretty good with me - I'm officially a Make Caker, or maybe a Cakey Muker,  in anycase we get the general idea.   Jon on the other hand 'used to be a doctor' according to Zali. Given Jon's history that's kind of hilarious.  I can understand there being some confustion for Zali given Jon sometimes works at an office, and sometimes from home -  However I'm fairly sure that he wasn't operating some sort of day surgery practise from either of those places..  It's funny that Zali said 'used to be' - therefore leaving it up to the reader's imagination as to what sort of malpractice suit was filed against him resulting in him being struck off the Medical Register  (ooh - perhaps for practising out of the games room in a rather unqualified capacity).  So in fact maybe Zali is actually completely right and the joke is on me (and his former patients).
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