NOW Google has all the answers

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Hmmm... what to make for a sister obsessed with vacuum cleaning who is turning 40 and having a surprise 60s party.... this of course!

Normally when I have a cake theme I do a quick google image search to see what other people have done and what works and doesn't work.  This week the world let me down but at least with this post, the next person who looks for a hippy vacuum cleaner cake might find this!  Surprisingly the only vacuum cleaner cake I could find on the entire world-wide-information-superweb-highway-thingy  was an american bakery style cream cake with a picture of a dyson stuck on which wasn't even worth linking to.  

I must mention that Clare helped me with cake (both conceptually and physically), and on the night we all looked great - you can't see our funky trousers or my purple boots in this photo but trust me.. we sizzled .

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