Saturday, 24 January 2009

During our recent visit to Cradle Mountain we abandoned our Norwegian friends to face the horizontal rain in the national park while we went and explored nearby Tasmazia.  I've only ever been in a maze made of  a wooden fence so this was a big improvement - there were about 5 different mazes plus fun stuff to discover hidden in them.  And some of them were tricky too - Jett and I had reached a point where we had definitely had enough of a couple of them but even though we'd inadvertantly passed the entrance/exit  a few times already, we couldn't find it when we needed it.  Anyway I recommend it to anyone with kids. 

In other news, day 2 of my long weekend went smoothly after a slightly shakey start.  It was my job to take the kids to school holiday swimming lessons (which jonno had assured me had been going well) but with much the same plot as those daddy-loses-job-and-left-in-charge-of-kids type movies (where the clueless dad takes kids to school/ballet/shops and it all ends up in a mess because he doesn't know the routine) I didn't have their  lesson cards so I had to stuff around with forms and then Jett refused to get in the water anyway. We then babysat Jamie for an hour, then I nipped out to bunnings to buy some shelves for the shed. In the afternoon all the bigger kids came down to play (including Clare) and they pretty much entertained themselves while I sorted the shed out and made Clare assemble all the shelves. Then we zipped down to the beach to do some quick road testing of a kayak Denny is thinking of buying  and came home to a relaxed evening of the tennis and a dvd (once the kids were in bed). It all went well.

Today the highlights will be a visit to the tip and delivering a cake.

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