Silk Screening

Sunday, 31 October 2010

And on the topic of hankering to do things, I've had a hankering to do some silk-screening for months now.  Apart from the end result, I really love the physical process of cutting a stencil for silk screening the same way that I really like carving out a lino-cutting.   Anyway I was lucky enough to pick up Tracy's nan and pop's old silk screening gear when I was in Sydney recently and it's been sitting around tantalisingly whilst I've been getting on with cakes and work and family things. Today though I was up early and actually got it up and running and it was fantastic!  The frames are better than I could possibly buy or make and one was even in such good condition I was able to just get out some paint (saved from a course I did when Jett was a baby) and have a go.  I'll be doing it again soon I recon but I've only got one colour  though- so everything I do is going to have to be pink for a while!
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