Zali's Party

Sunday, 17 January 2010

As I mentioned we hosted Zali's 'Beadalicious' birthday party today. It all went very well and the kids enjoyed themselves. Interestingly both Jon and I observed a distinct difference between this party and other parties she has held or attended in the past. It seems that when the party has more than a couple of boys  there's a different sort of feel compared to when there's just the odd little brother or cousin hanging around. The boys seem to form a gang and just get straight into running around and creating their own fun (in the process drawing the girls into their activities) whereas the girls on their own prefer to wait for structured activities such as party games and things to get them started up. As you can see from the photographs they all got into everything in the end and the playground got a big workout from everyone. 

I made Zali a Pinata cake which was just a regular cake with a chocolate dome on top that the birthday kid smashes with a hammer to get to the cake (covered in gold coins) beneath.  Easy huh! Wrong! It took me six (6) tries to make the chocolate dome - I tried 4 different types of chocolate over 2 days and I recon I spent at least $20 in the process. I am obviously more of a cake person than a chocolate person as I've had other chocolate failures before despite attempting to follow instructions to the T.

Now if you are wondering what's been going on with my walks it's that we're all on holidays so it's hard to get away for a long time. I've mostly been running the walks I've already documented - I've found with careful management I can nurse my ankle through 3 or so runs a week which is good.  I did have an opportunity to do a good walk on Thursday but the weather wasn't great so I had to turn around and spend the rest of the day watching tennis on tv. Shame.

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