Someone stop me..

Friday, 10 September 2010

Ok.. so I suppose some of you are thinking that I"m getting into this pirate party theme a bit tooo much.  Well don't be worried.. I only did a couple of other pirate things this week.. like um.. pirate biscuits.. 


oh and the Pirate-Dice-of-almost Certain-Doom (and I got second mate Zali to assist me with that..)


Yep that's about it really. Oh except for the Fimo Pirate Medallions - but I did them months ago so that doesn't really count..

 There's the invitations in bottles, the treasure chest and the cake, which of course you know about already.. so they don't count... and it's not like I did any thing else.. nup.


Well except for the Pirate Eye Patches.. but this was really a case of trying to avoid paying $15 for equivalent party shop plastic crap, when we had wrapping paper, black cardboard and elastic already at home..


So.. Like I said, no need to worry about me - I'm perfectly fine.. I've just got to hide the pieces of this Pirate Map I made and then I can dash out to the library.. seeya..






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