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Saturday, 4 January 2014

I'm generally the one doing the booking of the Spirit of Tasmania and I booked the Christmas trip a long time ago so we could get the best prices. Since I was flying back I booked all four of us on the Spirit of Tasmania on the way to Melbourne, and just the three of them in a cabin on the way back to Devonport.  And whilst I don't remember it, I must have been feeling stingey when I booked their return fare as I apparently booked them in a non-porthole cabin (and thus saved about $30).. the reason I know I must have done this.. see below...

Followed shortly by this..


oh no...


Is that an 'I heart Tasmania' shirt Jett is holding? And a family pack of malteesers bought at gift shop prices??? and a glass of red wine (presumably not for Jett but who knows what goes on when I'm not around)..there goes the savings.. 


and yup.. that's them on the pay-massage chairs. The ones we don't normally let them go on.   They look extremely relaxed.   That reminds me of the last time Zali and Jett used those chairs at Sydney International Airport, their rapturous expressions caused the creation of a queue of people waiting to have a turn..

Anyway - hopefully by now Jon has run out of money and/or forgotten his atm number thus curbing his non-porthole compensatory expenditure.

I'm looking forward to seeing them all again tomorrow. And not just to be able to more closely supervise their spending..