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Supermarket Rage

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Long time readers may remember the time, shortly after Jett's birth, that I went to the supermarket and didn't realise until I tried to check out, that I had managed to swap my trolley of groceries with a supermarket packer's trolley full of soap.  Oh how I laughed (later).

 Anyways. I know this person, let's call him Yonno, who went to the supermarket today to get some feta cheese from the deli counter.  He took number 69 from the queue ticket dispenser then, as his number was so far off, went to get a few items. Upon returning to the counter it seemed like the queue had not moved very far.  But then suddenly the person behind the counter said (in a barely audible fashion so Yonno claims) " 69..70...".  Person number 70, who had a split second response time stuck up his hand and got served, leaving Yonno, who hadn't had a chance to get a word in, fuming. 

In a rage, Yonno threw down his number 69, took his trolley and stormed off.  After a few steps he heard 'excuse me?' behind him - clearly it was the counter people trying to make amends but he wasn't having it - and continued to storm off.  'Excuse me? Excuse Me!' he heard.. so, thinking that they were being rather persistent, he turned to see what sort of apology they were going to come up with.  Only of course it wasn't the counter people trying to call him back, it was the shopper whose trolley he stole when he stormed off!  hahhahahaha .  Poor Yonno.