Overland Track - Day 7

Monday, 25 January 2016

Distance: 12km


And so it was our last day. We had arranged to meet Clare's parents at Cynthia Bay  at about 1pm so we didn't have to rush  - we had about 12kms to complete - 3 hours of walking - so we just needed to leave by 10 - which we pretty much did.    We had time for a swim before breakfast and then we left.  Strangely some people who arrived at Echo Point after us (at about 6pm), who went to bed at about 7pm - choosing to sleeping in the rat infested hut, got up and had left by about 6am.  Even more strangely was that we saw them when we arrived at Cynthia Bay.  What was their rush? Maybe it was the rats. 


Anyway 20 minutes into today's journey I remembered that i'd left my camera back at Echo Point. I'd detached it from my pack temporarily so we could practise putting on our packs over our heads (see video later).  Clare and I were just about to jog back when Bjørn revealed he'd actually seen it and picked it up when we left (but deliberately didn't tell me) - and all he asked was that I reward him by covering his swear-jar debt for him (about $35 at that point).   My legs were extremely relieved - so I was happy to agree. 

Our last major stop was at a little beach about 20 minutes from the end. It was here we had our last Kvikklunsj, and Bjørn had his last swim.  

10 minutes later we met Greg and Mary who had strolled out to meet us at the river crossing - then it was just another gentle stroll to Cynthia Bay and we were done. Happy, proud and just a bit sad that it was over.    What a trip.  Clare, Jon, and I agreed that we will never be able to do it again in summer because it will never be as fun, the weather will never be as great, the kids will never be as delightful, we'll never have the luxury  (and extra fun) of having Bjørn accompany us.



Simply put, for that week in January 2016, we were the luckiest people in the world. 

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