Mount Fortescue Loop

Saturday, 3 June 2017

This week I did my new favourite long run which I'm officially calling the Mt Fortescue Loop.   I did it for the first time back in March with Julie. It's is obviously heaps more fun doing it with a buddy, but with good weather forecast and a free day on my hands after a hard few days of orienteering coaching at Kingston Primary School, it seemed like a nice opportunity to do it again despite having to run it solo.

This time it was reasonably sunny but not all that warm, so I avoided stopping too much for photos as I got instantly cold. I love the fact that this run passes through a variety of terrain -  open heathland, rainforest and dry sclerophyll forest - with the added benefit of an excellently maintained track and fantastic views.


The Three Capes Track was much quieter this time around - I only passed about 5 hikers, and the ranger at one of the huts said he was not expecting any guests for the first time ever that night.  That kind of explains how I accidentally scared the bejesus out of him when I said "hi" as he was doing some maintenance work outside - he jumped about a mile but quickly recovered and was happy to have a chat and offer me water.

There was a huge pod of dolphins in Fortescue Bay as I started my run, they were gone by the time I got back though.  

One of the bonuses of this run is that it's possible to have a hot shower back at Fortescue Bay, so when I got back to the car I got clean and warm, then had lunch on the beach before heading home.  It was so nice and completely worth the long drive.  Strava said the run was 18k this time around - last time it said it was 19.4k so that's a bit odd.  The terrain and the tracks are so nice that both times I've run it I haven't really wanted it to finish (it helps that the 2nd 10k is mostly downhill!).  I was a bit faster this time around (2.21mins this time, 2:34 last time) but that's more about not having anyone to chat to than anything else I'd say. 

Hopefully the nice weather will continue as I've already got an idea for next week's adventure run.

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