Mt Fortescue and Cape Pillar

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Saturday was the day for the longest run of the weekend. Julie's plan was to go from Fortescue Bay to Cape Pillar and back - just over 30k, while I was planning a circuit from Fortescue Bay via Mt Fortescue which would be 20k.

 Just like the previous days, the weather was perfect and we set off together at 7.30.  The old Cape Pillar trail, which is in fact used by rangers and the people who aren't on the official Three Capes hike (i.e. they are camping, not staying in the huts), was in really good condition.    In fact it was a lovely track - climbing gently through lovely forest then through open grassland. 


It took us just under an hour to get to the junction of the Three Capes Track. From there I turned left and Julie went straight ahead.  So while I was climbing Mt Fortescue (skipping past the pack-laden three capes hikers), Julie was heading down towards Cape Pillar.  So if I had supersonic eyes I probably could have seen her in the background of this photo from the top of Mt Fortescue.


It was the most perfect day to be out,  just delightful.  Julie had awesome views from the end of Cape Pillar:


And I had great views as I gently descended Mt Fortescue.


I thought briefly about going out to Cape Huay on my way home, but decided that 20k was probably enough, and I'd been there recently afterall - so I just continued on the trail back around to Fortescue Bay. I was enjoying it so much I actually didn't want the run to end - I'll certainly do it again sometime.

Julie had a great time too, and we met up a few hours later when she arrived after her awesome effort.


It was a perfect day out.