Massive Milestones

Sunday, 28 November 2021

A few weeks ago Zali finished her final exam in her final year of school. It's hard to believe she's completely finished!  Both her college years have been Covid affected but I didn't want to let this milestone pass without any celebration, so while she was at school sitting her final exam I went and bought 100 balloons.


I had plans to use a pump to pump them up but it didn't work at all so I had to use my lungs for every single one. It was a big job..


It took more than 2 hours to blow them up, but it was worth it..


By the time I went to collect Zali at the end of the day the room was full.  heh heh... 

Over the next few days we all took great delight in relocating the balloons to other rooms at the inconvenience of the occupant. Having 100 balloons is actually quite a pain when you want to get dressed, or go to bed.  And there's also the risk  that one or more will self destruct loudly in the middle of the night.

Here they are in Jett's room:


and then one night they turned up in our room:


and in the end we let Jon loose with a pin in each hand. He destroyed them all in less than a minute. This was all that remained..


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