WA Easter - Day 6

Monday, 29 April 2019

With the morning to fill Clare and I went for a pleasant walk in the adjacent bushland and actually managed to find a spot with a little bit of telstra coverage - which was handy for checking messages and making sure the cat was still alive.


In the afternoon we assembed a few hundred metres down the road for the start of the score event (the idea is to visit at many controls as you can in 1 hour). The forest was so delightful I just kept running and running, coming in just before the hour was up.  Zali's ankle was much better so she was able to run again and we all had great fun. Jon even managed a stroll around the area too. As it happened my score was good enough to win the ladies event and  I scored the only non-fridge magnet prize of the whole carnival which was pretty cool - a little soft toy echidna. Yay me.

In the evening (and still Without wifi)  the kids entertained themselves by drawing and using their own pack of cards (suites of smiley faces, stars, hearts and diamonds).  Zali also continued with her knitting - she racked up 3 and a half beanies in the week which is pretty good going.  Some of us adults gathered around Clare's mobile phone and listened to an audio book she had handily downloaded earlier.  Just like the wireless in the old days.

It was interesting that despite having no mobile service we still needed to use the few powerpoints we had to charge all our mostly-useless devices.


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