Bruny Island Day Out

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

I'm keen to get out and about during what is hopefully my final few weeks of non-working time, so yesterday I went to Bruny Island to do a few of my favourite walks. 

First I did the Cape Queen Elizabeth walk on North Bruny. It's a 14k walk from the Bruny main road out to the beach then along to and up to the Cape. If done in low tide you are supposed to be able to go around the rocks, but low tide wasn't very low yesterday, so despite being just 20minutes away from the lowest point, I had to abandon my attempt after being sloshed by waves before I'd even gotten close to getting around the rocks.  Still, the up and over route was pretty nice too.  It was quite a cloudy and grey day with a few bits of drizzle, so the photos haven't really done the area justice.


Upon returning to the car I changed out of my wet gear (from drizzle and waves) and headed off to Adventure Bay to make and eat lunch with some of the yummy woodfired bread I'd  bought from the Bruny Island Cheese Company on the way through.   I was a bit weary by this point (I jogged most of the Cape QE walk), but since I'd paid $33 for the ferry I wanted to make the most of my day so after eating I headed down to the start of the Fluted Cape Walk.

I've taken better pictures when I've done it previously as part of the 60 walks challenge, I only took a couple yesterday.


The circuit was really enjoyable, despite being a bit tired.  I ran bits of it, but mostly just strolled along, listening to my podcasts.  All in all it was a good day out.  There were some really lovely bits of forest and great running on both walks, and the scenery was lovely.


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